Please deliver the harddisk to the near collection center with
HK$150/ ENG
óG 13 / JP2500 yen which is the inspection charge.
Customers in Tokyo area in Japan can enjoy our on-site delivery 
services without delivery charge.  

We provide a firm quote and time estimate as soon as possible. If
you do not accept the quote, there is no charge. Time and price
decide the cost of the recovery service.

Once you have approved the quote, our team continues work
on your media to complete the recovery. Customer Service will
contact you. A directory list of files recovered and files damaged
will be provided for your final approval.  If recovery is not possible
or the required files have not been recovered, there is no additional

If the recovery is successful, we will confirm your choices of Data
preparation to the selected media. For example, buy a new harddisk
or CDROM to store the data. We will require payment before data and/
or media is arrived the customers.